Bar Back/Busser

Fort Worth (Fossil Bluff), TX

Daily Responsibilities:

• Obtain a TABC Certification

• Obtain a Food Handler’s Permit

• Must have basic computer skills for use of online scheduling system


• Must be able to wear the proper uniform as policy describes throughout entire shift.

• Get ice for all the wells. This is the first thing that should be done.

• Prepare fruit trays and backups.

• Restock the bar with beer, liquor, wine, glassware, juices, etc. Make sure that everything is at the bar.

• Check Keg beer and change kegs if necessary.

• Get trash cans and towels.

• Make sure that the bar is clean before opening it.

During shift

• Collect empty glasses from the bar.

• Wash glassware.

• Wipe the bar top constantly.

• Restock anything at the bar.

• Help the bartender on anything that he/she needs.


• Wash all the glassware.

• Restock beer, liquor, etc.

• Clean the bar.

• Place dirty towels in their appropriate location.

• Get rid of the trash and boxes.

• Make sure that the beer cooler is clean and organized.

• Any other tasks assigned by the Manager on Duty.